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The Innovation Camp 2022​

The Innovation Camp 2022 took place in Struer from July 4–21. 23 students from DTU, AU, AAU and Struer Statsgymnasium were given a brief with the title ”Sound is the experience” and the challenge to create a product with a flexible or modular component, while also considering the sustainability/longevity of their product.

During the 3 weeksthey came up with four very different and creative concepts and built four working prototype models.

The 4 solutions​:

  • An acoustic warning system to assist car drivers and prevent blind spot accidents.
  • A modular headphone concept for a better and personalized fit of headphones.
  • An app to provide better sleep through individualized, sleep-pattern adapted music.
  • An acoustic water curtain for privacy in restaurants.​​

The program included lectures and mentors networking with industry professionals from soundtech industry as exploring Struer's many opportunities and offers within the city as well as nature and sound art, culture and history.

The students were accommodated at Struer Fri Fag- og Højskole, a local boarding school facility.

​Pictures from the camp

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The Innovation Camp 2008-2019

The Innovation Camp is a format originally developed and run by Bang & Olufsen in collaboration with Danish and International universities.

The camps brought students from all over the world to Struer for a creative summer camp challengealso known as CDDIP – Creative Design and Development of Innovative Products.

You can read more about the first camps, the original formats and the participants here:

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