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The Innovation Camp is an opportunity to test and boost your innovation and collaboration skills in a multidisciplinary setup while solving a conceptual design and prototype development challenge in a real-life, sound tech industry setting.

Who is the Camp for?

The Innovation Camp is open to students from specific educations of the following universities: AU and DTU and students from Struer Statsgymnasium. To enrol in the Innovation Camp, please contact us for further eligibility information. Note that there is a limited number of seats in the course.​

The course allows you to​...

  • Expand your professional network and competencies ​
  • Try concept development in practice ​
  • Work in small, multidisciplinary teams​​

All students bring different academic skill sets and methodologies to the table – all of which are crucial for the industry’s ability to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the future. ​

On the first day of the course, you and your team will be presented with this year’s brief, presenting you with an audio-themed design and development challenge. Over three weeks, the course will take you through all the steps of an intense innovation process, from the initial ideation and cross-disciplinary concept development over end-user and feasibility considerations, as well as sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment, to the final presentation of a working prototype, which must be presented to a board at the end of the course. ​

The course will teach you to...

  • Cooperate in multidisciplinary team activities ​
  • Propose and justify the value of new innovative technical solutions ​
  • Conduct disciplinary analysis of a real-life industrial problem ​
  • Present disciplinary research to stakeholders with different disciplinary backgrounds​​